At Golden Jones, we help you tell your story.

You know the one:
  • The story that’s going to connect you to awesome clients
  • The story that’s going to be stuck in their heads for days.
    (Yeah, it’s that good.) 
  • The story that shows them exactly who you are and inspires them to work with you
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Bigger & Bolder

We specialize in building bolder brand identities, captivating audiences, and delivering thrilling videos that help our clients reach their most daring goals. 

From commercials to brand stories, we make big things possible. 

So, if you can imagine it, our team can put it on film.

The Power of Video Marketing

Video Evokes Emotion & Builds Bold Brands

You already know that a solid social media and website strategy can help you nail your marketing, but that’s the bare minimum it takes for most businesses to grow.

Here’s the thing–we know you don’t settle for basic.

To burn your brand into your clients’ memories you need to evoke emotion, and nothing evokes emotion as efficiently as video.

Video can inspire desire, curiosity, excitement, or any emotion you need to turn an audience into a customer base.

It’s a surefire way to define an unmistakable brand and make sure it sticks. It drives emotion and action in ways that text and still photography simply can’t.

This is what video is designed to do. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Social Media Platforms Are Moving To Video In A Big Way

With platforms like Instagram pushing users to incorporate more video in their posts, investing in video marketing is, now more than ever, a no-brainer.

We help you create videos that:

  • Captivate everyone, even with short attention spans
  • Connect with customers from the first click
  • Drive action in a matter of seconds

Additionally, because you can repurpose your videos into other marketing tools, you and your team can save some serious content-writing time.


Google Loves Video

It’s true.

It’s also one of the most important things about investing in video: it helps you get found online. 

It can shift how you show up in search results, boost your website traffic over time, and help you build out better funnels for your marketing plan.

But just popping a video up on your website or social media account isn’t going to cut it. 

You need to optimize your video content so Google loves it even more–and we’ve got you covered there.

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Brand Stories: Your Business’ Connection Creator

When you share your brand story, clients and customers get to know you and your work on a deeper level. And this helps them decide whether you’re the right fit for solving the problems or challenges they face.

Investing in Video

In the age of the internet, people have figured out a multitude of ways to market their products, businesses, and themselves. The internet and social media is splattered with all types of content, but how much of it really stands out? Most of the calls we receive are from people who see their competition posting videos and want “something like that”. But they should really invest in content that fits their own unique style and personality. This is where content meets creativity.

Intro to the Five Free Video Marketing Platforms

Think about your strategy. You have all this nice video, now what? Do you just upload all to Facebook and call it a day? For one, your company’s films can be posted to multiple platforms including your email funnels, website, youtube channel, google, and social media. 

Born of Salt and Grit

In 2020, the world changed. A pandemic raged, and the film industry shattered, along with a multitude of others.  It was here that everything changed for them.  Sean and Kevin began working with each other and local musicians to live-stream their acts, as well as create videos to help small businesses survive through the pandemic. Realizing teamwork helped them thrive within a delicate industry, they began to shift gears and plan a more sustainable career track in film together. 

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