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May 10, 2021Updates, Videos

Video Content vs. Creative Videos

In the age of the internet, people have figured out a multitude of ways to market their products, their businesses, and themselves. The internet and social media is splattered with all types of content, but how much of it really stands out? Most of the calls we receive are from people who see their competition posting videos and want “something like that”. But they should really invest in content that fits their own unique style and personality. This is where content meets creativity.

Content is not a new word, but it has become a staple in modern marketing. It seems as if the more content you have, the better off you are – but is that true? There’s nothing wrong with posting content, as long as you invest time and energy into creativity.  Would you want to give your clients more? Or would you rather give them quality? 

So You Want to Invest in a  Video Campaign?

When you begin to reach out to production companies or videographers, keep in mind that content is a long-term investment. Video content generally results in return – usually new leads to follow up on and ultimately a growing business and following.. A return can only happen when at least 2 boxes are filled: the first, having a platform that allows your content to reach more people than in your following (five free marketing platforms). The second box to check is creating that DOPE video – a term we frequently use to describe as fun and creative.

If you shoot a selfie video and throw hundreds of dollars into boosting your post, you may reach a lot of people but if the content that reaches them is boring then you can’t expect anyone to truly engage. On the other hand, if you have DOPE videos to post, you won’t need to pump money into paid ads but more importantly, you creative, fun, and ENGAGING videos will organically find their way across the internet through shares, likes, and comments. With long-term investment on your mind and a good visual of what you want represented through a creative video, production companies will have a better understanding of what you want from them. Frankly, your business should contact several production companies. These professionals will pitch your ideas based on the concepts and visuals you have for your business; if one company can’t come up with the means to represent you clearly, chances are, another company can. If the production company can impress you and their concept is aligned with your vision, then you’re making the right investment. By putting effort into your video content, you’re investing in your prospects who will eventually invest in you.

 Posting Meaningful Content

Content is anything you create that keeps you at the top of mind of your prospects and clients. Within the content, you should reel in your audience with a hook, something interesting that they didn’t know prior. Content should also end with some type of call to action – a deal, or a solution to a problem that your prospect wasn’t aware of before they came across you. Look at the people you follow. Do they post meaningful content that has a hook and a call to action? How many of these accounts do you unfollow because they constantly post nonsense that just fills up your feed? For me, I find myself giving followers a few days to catch my eye. If they have annoyed me with incessant posting full of meaningless content, then I immediately unfollow them. If you’re posting a ton, have an intention and give viewers a reason to want to reach out or else they will scroll past your posts.

 Using Creativity to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Creativity is what makes the world-go-round. We all look at our phones, we all listen to music, and watch TV, it’s so we can be entertained. But you only really consume the things that entertain you. If you didn’t, CSPAN and polka would be a lot more popular. Consider this when coming up with your own content. Would you watch YOUR video if it was someone else’s face? If not, then you are wasting time, energy, and processing power. Creativity may not seem like your niche, but we’re all creative. We see our creativity in our business practice, in our sales, and our individual crafts. Even credit card processors use creativity. Where these things come into balance is just understanding your own budget. For 1.5K you can get a great brand story, but if you want a little spectacle then it may cost you. But you and the film team that you hire should use your budgetary restrictions as leverage to raise the bar. Nobody wants to see a floating head talking about car insurance, they want a peppy woman named ‘Flo’ convincing them that her insurance is the best around and that they have great deals. That’s creativity that you can’t buy so it doesn’t cost a dollar.

Evaluate Your Video Posts

Don’t sell yourself short. If you’re not getting the response you want from your posts, take a step back and look at what’s not working. What I mean by not selling yourself short is, if you’re not investing in your content, then you’re not investing in yourself or your audience. Sit back and take the time to be creative and find new ways to create content that speaks better about your brand. Don’t post, just to post. If the content that you’re putting out there is unique then people will understand you and your business better. 


Investing in Video

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