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Brand Story

Brand stories are our passion at Golden Jones. These mini-documentaries tell your audience about your business and give them a strong sense of who you are and how your product or service can help them.
Your brand story shares what makes your company and what sets you apart from your competition. 
These pieces help clients decide if you’re the right fit for them and help you get the word out about the core parts of your business: From your origin story, mission, and vision to your impact, team, and offers.


Commercials are fun and creative advertisements that share your message or market your services and products directly to your target audience. 
The development phase for commercials involves an in-depth look at your branding as well as deeper concept development work so that your commercial concept is unique.
Great commercials can build brands and create taglines. And, whether you’re local, national, or digital, a great commercial can make your content impossible to ignore.



There’s a lot we can say about our businesses, but it can only mean so much. Words from your clients will resonate with new audience members because they get to hear from someone like them.
Testimonial videos will give your clients a chance to share their experience working with you, in a video that documents their project and results.
Testimonials are social proof of your work, that will drive potential customers to reach out and learn more. 


Time-saver videos are named for what they’re designed for: saving time. They could be frequently asked questions that you spend too much time answering for each client, or they could be milestone videos to help someone along in your process.
Creating short videos for YouTube or social media could save you a significant amount of time from explaining to your clients over-and-over. 
Having these videos will also help put a face on your brand and position you and your company as experts in your field.

Video SEO

Unfortunately these days, a well shot video that tells a complete story isn’t enough. In order to have the most effective video, it needs to be optimized for search engines.
This means having important assets like: Closed Captions, A Keyword-rich Title, an Eye-catching Thumbnail, and also backend coding called Schema Markup.
With these high powered SEO assets, your videos will have the best chance in showing up in search engines like Google.

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