Video marketing is a critical component of a successful marketing campaign in 2022 and beyond. Golden Jones has the equipment and professionalism necessary to produce high-quality marketing material for your business, and we know how to effectively use it to generate more sales for you.

Create A Posting Schedule

The first step to success is committing to consistency. Be as specific as possible–instead of saying you’ll post a video once a week, say you’ll post every Wednesday. This gives you a hard deadline to push content out for, and it gives your followers a regular schedule to expect content on.

You can break your videos down in multiple parts to have weeks of content lined up.

Explain Your Services

Video should serve as more than just a creative and entertaining outlet. Use it to educate your consumers about your services or products! A well-done how-to video can do just as well as a creative or funny video, and if it blows up, it’s a great way to tell new consumers what your business is all about.

Tell Your Favorite Stories

If you’ve been in business long enough, you probably have plenty of stories about your favorite (or least favorite) customers or projects. Put your face on camera and let your followers get to know you with entertaining stories that both catch their attention and add a personal touch to your business!

Have Your Customer Generate Content

Why not incorporate user-generated content into your social media? Encourage your customers to create content using your product with a clever hashtag, and repost them onto your account. This does two things–make it more likely that people will share your content if they see someone they know, and takes the burden off of you to create content on a weekly basis.

Use Calls-To-Action

CTAs aren’t just for text posts. Make sure you end your videos with calls-to-action for the consumers of your content to follow up on. Whether it’s a link in your bio, a number to call, or simply a link to your website, remember the entire point of your video marketing is to generate sales, and what better way to do that than to lead your viewers to the next step?

Evaluate Your Success

Video marketing is useless without metrics to measure your success against. Start with a baseline and reference previous data on a monthly basis. No matter what the platform is, it likely has built-in reporting data you can use, or you can use third-party tools like Google Analytics to analyze traffic coming to certain pages with video on them. Invest in yourself and learn how to use these reporting tools so you know exactly where you need to direct your efforts to maximize the success of your next video marketing campaign!

Take some of the pressure off yourself and work with Golden Jones to create, direct, and shoot professional grade work that will attract eyeballs!