The Golden Way

On-brand, engaging, and memorable videos don’t just happen. 

They’re planned, filmed, edited, and shared in strategic, creative ways.

They’re focused on getting you results.

That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your work so that everything we make looks, feels, moves, and engages just like you.

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So, what type of videos can deliver this kind of impact?

Here’s what we do best:

Brand Stories


At our very core, we are creators and artists with the power to tell your story in a compelling 30-60 second window. Our commercials are based on your brand and are a collaborative effort between our producers and you to create a memorable, original advertisement that helps to grow your brand and attract new business
Brand Stories

Brand Stories

Brand story videos help define your identity, and can even solve problems you didn’t know you had when it comes to the direction you want your marketing to go. Our production crew will get to know you and your business inside and out, and the end result is a 3 minute professionally produced video that you’re proud to call your own.



Testimonials are so much more powerful on video, and potential clients get to see exactly how your business operates and handles its current clients. Few marketing tools have a bigger impact than real testimonials.

Event Recap

Event Recap

Our event video production services include producing an event recap, which is a great way to capture a successful event and market it for future opportunities. If you’re a company putting together a corporate outing, a festival director looking for a powerful marketing tool, or even a vendor that works at various types of events, our event recap videos are a must-have.


Corporate Video

Corporate videos are designed to help your business run better.

  • Spending less time onboarding new hires 
  • Simplifying live monthly training sessions 
  • Never having to answer that same question again
  • Sharing helpful FAQ and How-To videos
  • Streamlining your day-to-day routines
  • Creating more effective on-boarding and training opportunities
Video SEO

Video SEO

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an overlooked, yet essential aspect of digital marketing with video. Step one is, of course, to have high-quality, professionally shot and produced video. Once it’s on your website or on YouTube, though, what’s driving traffic to those pages? Word of mouth marketing can only get you so far, and sharing videos on your social media pages is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to proper digital marketing.

Additional Services

Production Crew

If you’re a creative type and have a vision for how your video should look, our video production crew is available for hire on an hourly rate.

Video Editing

Great production is just the beginning for our team. In our editing process, we take attention to detail to the next level. We sculpt your footage, take out the unnecessary details, and add features like music and graphics so your video is branded and fits perfectly within your marketing assets.

Motion Graphics

This is a feature that will put the cherry on top of any video project. We will take your pre-existing logo and create an animated version that fits your brand perfectly. We just need an .ai file of your logo.

NOTE: All videos come in horizontal and vertical video with a thumbnail, closed captions, and title tags.

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