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A Commercial can be one of the most fun ways of advertising your brand or products.

When making a video advertisement, you can be as creative as possible and include all types of elements that lead to one thing: your product.

We study your current brands position in the market and who their target demographic is, to ensure that the concept and tone matches your audience. We can get pretty creative but we want to meet and exceed your audience’s expectations, not blindside them with unwanted content.

When we came into contact with Twin Lights Brewing, they wanted a commercial that showcased their two main beers being enjoyed during their own favorite outdoor activities. They wanted this commercial to appeal to an active and outdoorsy type of customer. 

Next, we traveled to popular locations around the Highlands of New Jersey, and gathered footage of talent enjoying Twin Light’s brews after outdoor activities. With all of these great shots, we edited together a 30 second commercial that displayed all of the fun things that go along with drinking Twin Lights.

This was Golden Jones Video Productions first shoot as a realized Production Company. We were very excited to get into the tabletop aspect of the shoot. We really gave it our all and experimented with many different fun set ups. We hope you continue to watch our work as we refine our skills.

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