Runners High

Service: Commercial

A commercial is a great opportunity to synthesize a story from scratch that perfectly represent your brand. Your Brand will set an expectation for the experience your customers will have when working with you or your product.

Runners High in Freehold, NJ is a local running store. They pride themselves on their peak level of customer service that they practice. Their whole model is based around fitting the customers with a the perfect shoe for them. Employees at Runners High, spend time talking with their customers about what they’re looking for, what they’re issues are, and where their aches and pains are. They analyze the way you stand, walk, and run; to provide you with a sneaker that fits just right. 

When we started conceptualizing this commercial, we wanted to be able show different types of customers that come in. We used Olympic qualifier Amanda Marino, as our star Athlete. We used Tiktok star Jake Dylan as someone who just wanted to learn more. And also, comedian Joe Turner as someone who just stands on their feet all day and needs something more comfortable to relieve the pain.

With these three different scenarios, we were able to show the quality care that is given to each customer that walks into Runners High. Thus setting a great expectation for clients of their awaiting experience.

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