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At Golden Jones Video Productions we research you, your company, and your industry in order to tell your story in the most effective way possible.

The Brand Voice is the personality your business takes on when speaking to your audience.

Brand Voice is important, it needs to be enticing when speaking to a specific demographic. Your audience wants to work with a distinct brand that is in line with their personality. This can go wrong really fast when the people telling your story don’t understand who your audience is. By finding the right brand voice your videos will appeal to the right audience.

When creating a Brand Story for Parcells Plastic surgery we wanted that voice to speak to anyone who felt the need to make a change in their life.


We leaned heavily into empowerment, so that women who visited Dr. Parcells would know that this is a safe place to voice your concerns about your body.

We used Dr. Alexis Parcells as a soothing voice of empowerment, that could easily comfort any audience member. We then backed everything that Alexis was saying with support from her patients and staff. We tie up everything neatly, not by a call to action for the audience but, by restating the mission at Parcells Plastic Surgery.

Her audience members will appreciate the opportunity to be educated rather than being sold on having work done.

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