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At Golden Jones Video Production we strive to tell unique Brand Stories to each individual or business that we work with.

Your customers are going to gain your trust as a business through solid brand identity. It’s important that throughout all of your posts whether it’s pictures, graphics, or most importantly video, that you keep within the same themes. That’s how your audience will continue to recognize you. That’s how they will talk about you later, “You know Mike Murcia, he’s always around town.” It’s important to show who you are to your audience.

When Mike Murcia came to us for video, he wanted to stand out as the go-to mortgage lender for budding families at the Jersey Shore. So, we crafted his story around his dedication as a family-man and what that means as a home buyer.

At start the video, we establish Mike’s goals right away that he is not just trying to sell homes, but help cultivate the community. We show Mike working with other young families who he has helped find their new home.

We then establish Mike’s important role as a Husband and as a father, by showing the Murcia family enjoying a beautiful day at the Asbury Park beach and boardwalk. Mike talks about the American Dream and how his parents provided a great childhood for him, and now Mike wants to help other families do the same by instilling confidence and a stress free process

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