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At Golden Jones Video Productions we will help you with the difficult task of establishing your brand through a solid Brand Story video.

There’s are a lot of blanks to fill when it comes to talking about what matter most to your customers. As business owners, we always have ideas of what we want to be, and finding a way to express that isn’t always clear to us. A Brand Story is a video will help you speak honestly about what you do as a company and how you serve your customers.  It’s the perfect opportunity for you to just bluntly say, “this is what we’re all about.”

Coach/owner Brian Wright reached out to us looking to establish his brand through professional video. We created a video campaign, made up of a brand story, promotional video, and training video. In this Brand Story, we highlight all of the ethos that drive Killer B’s gym.

We shot Brian working with students, such as UFC fighter Carl Roberson, where you can see the sweat that he puts into his students. He was able to show the success his gym has found, and that his students have found, while also just saying plainly, “If you don’t find success here, I want you to go find success somewhere else.”

By telling the world who you are, what you do, and how you help, Brand Stories will connect your brand with the right audience, driving new customers through your doors.

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