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A commercial could be a great place to showcase your products in the scenarios that you see them being used.

Sometimes telling a story through video isn’t what your brand needs. Sometimes what you want to do is convey an emotion that connects with your target demographic. When Haydn from Inked reached out to us about making a commercial. He told us he didn’t want actors or people talking about the product.

What he wanted was to see different athletes and artist using his line of clothing while they practice their craft. He wanted to appeal to a specific culture of people who use intense focus to be great.

From those parameters, we knew we wanted to create a cinematic experience for his clothing line. The commercial featured top athletes such as UFC’s Middleweight fighter Karl Roberson, CFFC’s Heavyweight Champion Shawn Teed and New York Knicks City Dance Captain, Andrea Hoch. We concentrated hard on the lighting and composition to make a bold and cinematic commercial.

Visual storytelling is the most effective form of advertising because it engages all of your senses, which better absorbs into your customer’s memory. Video drives direct consumer purchase by helping them better understand your product or services.

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