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Golden Jones Video Productions creates premiums films for your marketing. Brand Story video content can provide a foundation for your brand or a specific product. We tell stories that connect with your customers.

Golden Jones Video Productions has worked with GMSC numerous times to create different Brand Stories focused on some of their largest operations. This video highlights their Security Operations Center (SOC), which is their security hub where they can monitor all of their systems throughout Manhattan. 

On the day, we conducted multiple interviews with the Leaders at GMSC. We asked questions about what the purpose of SOC is, how it helps their clients, and how it is the cutting edge of security in Manhattan. We then set up B-Roll shots to be able to show what’s being talked about.

Creating branded content is the most important piece of marketing, and will be even more so in the future. Golden Jones Video Production understand how to create this type of content for your website, YouTube, Vimeo, social, or email chains. 

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