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This Brand Story was a video born from another project. We were hired to create a commercial around Backpacks For Life, and the VA Home loan.

During the shoot, we gathered enough footage to create a Brand Story video that now lives on the homepage of their website.

We begin the story, with the voice of Brett D’Alessandro (Co-Founder of Backpacks For Life) as he talks about how the Backpacks For Life was inspired through his own struggle. We see different shots of Brett and Alexa (also Co-Founder of BFL), preparing backpacks and enjoying a happy life together. This shows Brett’s journey has led them to happiness.

Next, we hear Alexa speak as a voice of exposition. She explains the idea born from Brett’s inspiration, and the mission they have now set out to accomplish. Then we hear from a Veteran who was helped by Backpacks For Life.

In this part of the video is where we as the audience learn that this is a worth wild cause, and that their mission is being accomplished. We see the home of a once struggling Veteran and how her life was transformed by support and goodwill of others.

Before closing the video out with their logo, and information. We hear some last inspirational words from Brett and Alexa. This is a call to action not only to those who can help and support their cause, but also as a beacon to Veterans who are currently struggling.

Golden Jones Video Productions is proud to work with organizations, such as Backpacks For Life, that help other Veterans. We hope that this video is able to help Backpacks For Life create a deeper impact and inspire other individuals to learn more.

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