Brand Stories: Your Business’ Connection Creator

Oct 11, 2021Brand Stories, Updates

While there are so many options when it comes to marketing your business, one of the strongest ways for your business to build a connection with new clients is through visual storytelling

And at Golden Jones Video Productions we specialize in one of the most powerful forms of visual storytelling: Brand story video.


What Is a Brand Story?

A Brand Story is a mini-documentary about your business that gives your clients a strong sense of who you are and how your product or service can make a difference in their lives. 

Your Brand Story Video can shine a light on everything that makes your company phenomenal and explore what sets you apart from your competition. 

When you share your brand story, clients and customers get to know you and your work on a deeper level. And this helps them decide whether you’re the right fit for solving the problems or challenges they face. 


How Brand Story Videos Share Your Work With The World 

Imagine creating a clear image in your clients’ minds of exactly who you are, what you stand for, and how you help.

Your clients will know instantly that you’re the right person or company to support them in reaching their goals. 

That’s the power of a Brand Story Video.

And that video?

It’s a one-time investment that keeps working hard for you every time a potential client clicks “play”.Brand stories help you showcase your mission, vision, origin story, staff or team, and how you work with clients or deliver products that make an impact.

These videos are also the foundation for a solid brand identity and help earn your client’s trust because they’re proof of your passion and your investment in reaching clients who could really benefit from knowing and using your products and services.

You can also use the themes you develop in your brand story in your content, copy, and other marketing materials so you consistently create a cohesive brand identity.

That’s how your audience will continue to recognize you. 

And that’s how your Brand Story Video helps you grow.


The Heart of Your Brand Story: Purpose

The heart of your brand story is your purpose. It’s what separates you from your competitors and allows you to reach clients who are a perfect fit for the products or services you deliver. 

If you struggle when trying to share your vision with customers in a way that really connects, Brand Story Video is the key to unlocking that connection and creating new clients who love what you do and how you do it.

Your Brand Story Video can fill in the blanks when it comes to expressing your value to customers and clients. And it can help you to establish a truly memorable brand identity.


The Key Parts of A Great Brand Story Video

Wondering how our team can help you share your brand story? While there are many steps we take behind the scenes, let’s take a look at the overall process so you’ll know what to expect.


We’ll Start With Your Origin Story

When creating a Brand Story Video, the first things we want to talk about are your business beginnings. When you share your origin story it allows you to begin a relationship with your clients. It’s an immediate point of connection and a way for you to welcome them into your business.

You can use this part of your brand story to share the answers to questions that can drive connection. These might include:

  • Why did you decide to get into this line of work? 
  • Why is it important to you?
  • Where and how did you get your start?
  • What challenges did you overcome as you started out?
  • How did that bring you to the work you do today?

By answering these questions, potential clients will see your passion and begin to relate more easily to you.

As part of your collaboration with our team, we’ll explore your business’ beginnings and tailor parts of your Brand Story Video to this part of your story.


We’ll Share Your Brand Values To Set The Tone

After we’ve explored your origin story we’ll also want to share your brand’s ethos or core values. 

This part of our work is designed to answer the question: What does your brand stand for?

The answer to this question touches on everything from your culture to your mission to your vision for the future with your audience.

It sets expectations and sets you up to apply these pieces of your story to every aspect of your business branding so you gain and keep your clients’ trust.


We’ll Let Them Know How You Help

To grow your business, you’ll want your clients to know that you can help solve their specific problems.  So, in your brand story you’ll explore: 

  • What those challenges are
  • What causes them
  • How you’ll help them overcome those challenges 
  • How you’ll do it differently (Or how you’ll help them avoid the common pitfalls that traditional methods or other companies just can’t)


Want to see this approach in action?

Imagine, you’re a mortgage lender. 

You might want to highlight how you can help clients refinance their mortgage or get the right rate for their first home. 

And if your rates are lower than the competition time after time, you’ll want them to know that too.

Your brand story shares who you are and how you turn challenges into success stories.


We’ll Let Them Know They’re In The Right Place

One of the most valuable parts of any marketing plan is attracting the right kind of clients: The ones you can’t wait to work with.

And so, it’s important that your brand story shouts them out and calls them by name.

In practice, this part of your brand story will be tailored to who you most want to serve.

So, going back to our last example: If you’re a mortgage lender who specializes in first-time-home sales, your brand story will help clients understand why you’re the lender they need when they’re ready to start that challenging and life-changing process.


We’ll Create a Brand Story To Build A Cohesive Marketing Plan Around

Your brand story can help you share your brand consistently in every post and website page so you stay consistent and connected to the people you love working with.

And with a Brand Story Video, you can summarize all of the key facets of your company in one min-documentary. 

Your brand story will be the foundation of your marketing and the key place where potential clients will come to a better understanding of who you are and how you help. 


What To Expect When We Collaborate On Your Brand Story 

At Golden Jones Video Productions, we construct brand stories in a variety of ways and look to the needs of different industries and the businesses themselves to choose our course of action.

But at its core, the overall structure is very much the same.


It All Starts With A Discovery Meeting

The first thing to expect when working with Golden Jones Productions is a Discovery meeting.

 During this meeting, we will get a feel for who you are and how we can help. We then research everything about your business and industry. 

This is how we develop the key parts of your Brand Story Video.


After Our Meeting, We Do A Comprehensive Brand Review

We then look through your current content and branding materials to make sure that what we produce is in line with what you’ve already established. 


Then  We’ll Hop On Your Video Content Call

After the review, the next step for us is a content call. This is where we will discuss all of the information that will be included in your Brand Story Video and the feeling you want to leave your audience with. 

We will go over who needs to be interviewed and what questions they will be asked. We’ll explore the types of B-roll that will be needed. And we’ll look through the archival footage to discuss how it will be implemented throughout the video. 


We’ll Shoot Your Core Footage and B Roll

Next, we’ll begin shooting. Whatever core shots we’ve decided we need will be shot in addition to any b-roll footage we discussed on our Content Call.

B-Roll is footage that helps explain a topic. It’s footage we will gather while following you through your process of doing business: From footage of you shaking hands with a client, to shoes sitting on a shelf. 

These shots are important in telling your story and setting a tone. All of these shots are planned ahead of time and are specific enough to the content we cover in the Brand Story Video. 


We’ll Interview Your Team And Leadership 

A large part of the Brand Story Videos are interviews with professionals and their clients. 

We use our findings to develop a list of questions that we can ask you as the business owner, your employees, and your customers. These interviews show the authenticity of your brand and put faces on the team behind your services and products.


We’ll Collect Archival Footage and Photos

Brand stories being mini-documentaries means that archival footage and pictures are a large part of your final video. 

Going back to the “why” this service is important, people want to see first-hand how you got started and exactly why this way of serving others is important to you. 

So, we’ll ask you to share visuals from things like your first closed deal, the day your doors opened, or events you’ve hosted.

These pieces will be key in showing how this line of work began for you.


We’ll Edit and Refine Your Brand Story Video

Once we have all of these pieces shot and ready to produce, we’ll move into the editing phase.

This is where we’ll bring together all of the different pieces we’ve shot or curated for you into one comprehensive mini-documentary.


The General Brand Story Video Production Timeline

Brand Story videos are usually completed in 1-2 video shoot days and between 20-30 hours of editing. 

Every step of the process is planned out ahead of time so there are no surprises during production or editing. We make sure that you understand, throughout the entire process, how your final film will look. 


The Bottom Line When It Comes To Brand Story Videos

At Golden Jones Video Productions we specialize in telling your brand story. 

We take the time to get to know you, your team, your brand, and the people you most want to serve so that we can create one-of-a-kind visual assets for you.

The result is a brand-defining marketing showcase of your business that connects with the right clients and creates a foundation for ongoing connections as well.

Brand Stories: Your Business’ Connection Creator

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