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Sean Bell

Marine Corps Veteran

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a creative knack for storytelling. As a kid, I was writing and drawing comics, and that’s evolved into storyboarding, directing film and video. I’m a proud Marine Veteran and you can find me and my wife, Grace, rolling in the sand at the beach with our dog Bruce.

Kevin Nulty


My passion for filmmaking started at 9 years old. I began by filming neighborhood street hockey games, with commentary by my little bros, and ended up as a Camera Operator for the NHL. I’m optimistic, and communicate best with lines from The Mighty Ducks and Sopranos.

Nick Binder


My interest in filmmaking started when I was 13 years old, filming skateboarding in my hometown. The film Fully Flared, with their explosive intro and colorful transitions, inspired me to start my career in motion graphics and animation. When I’m not behind my computer, you can find me playing frisbee with my dog Kodi.

Wondering What It’s Like To Work With Us?

Here’s how we roll at Golden Jones.

Creative Concepts

We’re passionate about you as our clients and we’re dedicated to helping you connect with your audience

That sort of passion doesn’t manifest itself in the production of cookie-cutter videos.

Our creative concepts are formed with one goal in mind: to help you stand out from the crowd. Everything we do is strategically designed to make sure you’re moving toward your goals in big ways.

Strategic Branding

We know branding can feel like a buzzword.

Despite that, there’s no denying the power of a recognizable, story-driven brand.

We focus on your identity as a company and use that to target your audience with videos that drive customers to take action.

Because we take the time to dive in deep when it comes to your branding,  the videos we create are ready to integrate with your overall marketing strategy.

Preproduction Planning

The power of great video is in the planning.

From outlining to scripting and shoot scheduling, we’ll have a master plan that respects your goals, timing, and desires. 

We’ll make sure that plan allows us to do our best work too.

The result: A shoot process that creates outstanding results.


Customized Production Process

Whether your shoot needs a two-man team or a full-scale treatment, we’ll make sure that your experience is one you’ll remember. 

We want to get the best version of you and your company on film, so you’ll get the expert guidance, insight, and motivation to make that happen, no matter how large or small the scale of your project is.

We make sure your brand, who you are, and how you help comes through in every frame.


Great production is just the beginning for our team. 

Editing will make or break your video, and we’ve got the skills and resources to do it right.

In our editing process, we take attention to detail to the next level. 

We sculpt your footage, take out the unnecessary details, and add features like music and graphics so your video is branded and fits perfectly within your marketing assets.

The final result is a finished product that is a reflection of your brand and attracts the viewership you need to achieve your lofty goals.


Video SEO

If Google can’t see your videos, it’s going to be tough to get them in front of the right customers, clients, and audiences.

From transcriptions and descriptions to keyword research, content suggestions, and backend SEO, Golden Jones can help you make sure that Google loves your content as much as your audience does.

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